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Bodfari Horse Logging EmblemBODFARI HORSE LOGGING

Bodfari Horse Logging is situated on the slopes of the Clwyd mountains in Denbighshire, N. Wales and is run by Paula Sells with her Shire mare, Dolly.  Using traditional chain gear and a modern Norwegian timber arch, logs can be efficiently removed from the felling site to roadside for onward collection by lorry.

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Paula and DollyPaula Sells is a member of the Forestry Contracting Association (Tel. 01467 651368) and the specialist group of British Horse Loggers. Contracts over the last 3 years include English Nature, the Woodland Trust, the Small Woods Association, Groundworks, St. Helen's Metropolitan Borough Council (Lancs), Vale Royal Borough Council (Cheshire) and Mersey Forest, as well as work on private estates and demonstrations at shows and to school children. Recently, Paula spent 5 weeks in Slovakia on an EU scheme studying the training and integration of horses in modern forestry.  [top]



Dolly workingDolly is a 13 year old Shire cross mare. She has an ideal temperament being an enthusiastic and willing worker and is also quiet and friendly with children. She is ridden on the mountain to keep fit and lives out all the year round. When working, she responds to a vocabulary of some seven different commands and is a pleasure to handle. You can see her here on the left in action.  [top]



The Norwegian Timber ArchThe timber arch is imported from Norway and is simply and beautifully designed (the Royal Agricultural Society awarded it the Duke of Edinburgh's Silver Medal). It has steel shafts, a hooped arch with 4 small winches with chains and skids and wheels on either foot. One end of the log is chokered with a chain which is raised by the winch until clear of the ground. Because only the rear of the log is trailing, damage to the ground is minimised and the controlled load (up to approx. one tonne) is easier and safer for the horse to pull.  [top] 

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